Re: 1881 census on Window 10



To access the CDs, I use Oracle VM VirtualBox (free to download) inside which I installed Windows XP, using the original CD that came with my old XP machine. The only thing to remember is to have an 1881 CD loaded before powering up VirtualBox because it won't recognise an empty CD/DVD drive.

If I recall, I first did this on a W7 machine, and later on I was able to export VirtualBox from the W7 environment to a the W10 environment without the rigmarole of reinstallation. I have other specialised software working within VirtualBox which have not worked in W7 since before the beginning of time, let alone W10.

There are probably nowadays a myriad other ways, although initially I did try Windows Virtual PC which turned out to be a useless heap of junk.


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