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Claude Hanson

Wow!  I appreciate the way you think and am very happy to have helping solve my problem.  As I've mentioned before, I started my genealogy efforts in 1979 and I know quality thinking when I encounter it.  I've made many assumptions and had to backtrack that I can tell when someone is trying to tell me to slow down and know that eventually you'll have to triangulate the data before you can prove it.
Now, to your question, I'm thinking you meant Donald Ross.... not Donald Munro.  I read the death record more closely this morning...and here is what I've  found.  He was single and died August 16. 1857 in Snab.  He was 49 years old.  His father was John Ross and his mother was Mary (maiden name not given).  That would infer his  birth date as either '07, '08, or '09.  He was buried in Dyke and there was no sexton.  The informant was William Mitchell, brother-in-law.  He could be the husband of one of those possible older usual, a new clue to investigate!!!
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On Thu, Jul 9, 2020 at 3:29 AM Allan MacBain <testerscot@...> wrote:
Not to try to hijack this thread; but...
Are you on a Windows 10 computer, Ann? And, if so, how are you managing to view the 1881 data discs? 
I have the set, but can't find a clear solution to accessing it on a Win10 system.

Also... I *really* want access to the various Kirk Session records!!! :D

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On Thu, 9 Jul 2020 at 09:34, Anne Burgess via <> wrote:
Ross and Cromarty is the name of the county, and it is informally divided into Easter Ross and Wester Ross. All the places we have mentioned in R&C so far are in Easter Ross.

I wouldn't dismiss the other children born to John Ross and Christian Munro in Easter Ross. Christian was listed as aged 65 in 1841, so she could have been anything between 65 and 69 if that is accurate, so born between 1771 and 1776. A marriage date of 1805 would fit, and the last two children were baptised in Nigg, which is where Donald says that he and Christina were born. There's a long gap between 1805 and Donald's birth year, so it would all fit together.

I have to confess to cheating slightly with the 1881 census, because I have a set of the LDS CD-ROM transcription of the 1881 census, which makes searching a lot easier once you are aware of its quirks. Ladysbridge Hospital is in the County of Banff, Parish of Boyndie. Census 1881, parish No 143, Enumeration book 3, page 10.

It's quite likely that there is no surviving record of Christian's death. The best you could hope for would be a record in the Dyke Kirk Session minutes of payment for the mortcloth. Every parish had a mortcloth (or sometimes more than one) which was draped over the coffin during the funeral service, and there was a fee for the use of it, the money going towards the funds for the relief of the poor of the parish. These amounts are often listed in the parish accounts. The Kirk Session is the committee made up of minister and elders that runs the business of the kirk. The records are mostly held in the National Records of Scotland, and the do include the Dyke KS for the relevant years. They KS minutes have all been digitised, and Scotland's People intends to make them available but so far has not managed to do so for technical reasons. In the meantime they can be viewed on-screen in Edinburgh and in a few local archives, but of course they are all closed at the moment because of coronavirus.

Out of curiosity, who were the parents of the Donald Munro who died in Dyke in 1857, and who was the informant?

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