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Claude Hanson

Thanks Anne:  
I feel better in knowing you are not irritated with me.... and thanks for the suggestions.  I'm thinking those kids born to a couple with the same name are not in the same family that has three siblings - Donald, Christina, and Rebecca.  But, I'll continue to look.  I remember years and years ago when I was trying to find the parents of my John Ross (b. abt. 1814 in Kinloss) that finding the right Alexander Ross and Margaret Bremner in that Ross Chromity (?) took me months to find the right one.... but, that was 30 or more years ago and we didn't have computers....  
     I'm anxious to get the records from Ladybridge Hospital to see if the John McLeod on the 1881 census was really from Dyke.  From the information I received from the archivist, it will probably be months, years, or never before she can look at those records.  I tried to find the census to see what you saw; but my ignorance on how to use Scotland's People overwhelmed me!!!  By the way, I did find a death record for Christina Ross in Forres.  She died a year or two before Rebecca's marriage and death.  I haven't found anything abt their brother Donald....and I haven't found a death record for their mother Christian.  Oh well, these problems are very minor when compared with our real problems in the U.S. -- the President and the virus!!!!


On Wed, Jul 8, 2020 at 2:12 AM Anne Burgess via <> wrote:
No, you are not getting on my nerves.

I did find it irritating that someone made exactly the assumption that I had specifically warned against in an earlier message in this very thread, but that isn't important.

The most likely one, I suggest, is John Ross to Chrity Munro in Kilmuir Easter on 22 March 1805. (The index spells her name as Chrity). However don't expect too much from the original record. It will not, for instance, tell you the names of their parents.

There are baptisms of Margaret, 1808; Catherine, 1809; Janet, 1810 and Kathrine and Isabel, 1812, to parents with these names, the first three in the Church of Scotland registers (Kilmuir Easter, Cromarty and Rosskeen respectively) and the last two in Nigg Associate, all in Easter Ross.

There is also a Margaret in 1813 in Edinburgh. This last one could be a couple with the same names, of course, as it's a long way from Easter Ross to Edinburgh.

So it all looks plausible, but I am not sure how easy it would be to prove it is the same family.

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