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Edie Mc

HI Yvonne,
Initally  in the Y67marker of two of my three sons and their fathers familytreedna, we had a McMillan amongst the several branches belonging to the McArthur lineage, though no McArthur.  However, since I have done a Y111 for the boys father, We appeared to have dropped the McMillan match. My second son has done the BigY700 (for experts, which we are not), that hasnt helped though. That is most likely because we haven't found any matches to McArthur. We have no wayof knowing how far back our McARthur surname goes.   Was hoping it would have helped. As I stated previously Locations for our DNA families are Caithness, Sunderland and Lismore from the remaining men of the Y111 marker. I think that takes you back about 5 generations. Because we dont know which of the surnames became McArthur or when, at least we have locations of each f the other branch surnames.
regards Edie McArthur

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Hello, I’m also from Hobart.
The Scottish families I am aware of are  Fulton, Bell, Aikman,  Greenfield,Penny, Purvis ,Anderson, and Miller from Berwickshire and Clark,  Sheers, Dewar,Branch,Alison and  Galloway from Fife.
We have DNA matches with several people with Henderson  and McMillan,  but a can’t work out how they connect.

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