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Goldie & Lido Doratti

How good that is!!  From Canada I wish I could book a person to look for what I want and need.  The cost of hiring a genealogist is over the moon for a few sheets of paper.  Scotland’s People should hire someone to find what overseas folks need and want.  I was there many years ago and all I can say about the folks at Princess Street is that they were so VERY kind and considerate....AND most helpful to someone who hadn’t been before and likely wouldn’t be again.  God Bless them all...GOOD folks all of them.  Goldie

From: Iain MacIntosh
Sent: Sunday, July 5, 2020 12:01 PM
Subject: Re: [ScotGen] Searching for John McLeod
Progress is a great thing.  You can book a terminal online down to th room and seat you prefer. You pay in advanceAnd go straight to your booked place. No queues ... unless you arrive early!


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This computer is so darned sensitive!  I have just sent two messages as I was beginning to write them.  I have learned to use Scotland's People well enough to use up my first purchase of points.  I have been doing genealogy for almost 41 years and I learned years ago to only record on my trees the hard data, not information from others, although in many cases it can be validated by finding the original recording (I call that "hard" data) so the information does serve as clues.
     On the birth record of John McLeod, in 1853, it says his mother Rebecca, was from Snab and his father was from Dalvey.  And what does it mean when there is a blank for where he was baptised.  I have looked a bit to find the father of John McLeod  and the only Donald McLeod I can find was 49 years old in 1851.  (and, I was so exhausted last night (4th of July), I don't even remember where  it saw that).
      When I'm using Scotland's People, I keep thinking it's home must be the place we visited 24 years ago.  My wife's cousin told us to be sure to get there early because there would be a long que!  None of us had ever heard of that phrase before and had no idea what she meant.  When we got there a long line was forming.... so we discovered that que in Scotland is the same as "waiting line" in Idaho!
     It will be nice when I can again spend every Tuesday morning at our LDS family history center.  It's been closed since late February because of the wicked virus!!!!
     Anne, I finally found the marriage for Rebecca Ross and the  birth record for John McLeod.  I was looking at in  a cite that limited the church records for marriages and I was looking in an area that only had births since 1855.  I'm learning.

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