Re: Searching for John McLeod

Anne Burgess

I gave you the web site address for Grampian Health Board Archives. You will not find details of patients in Ladysbridge Hospital (or any other hospital) online - you need to e-mail them and ask what they can tell you about John McLeod..

No idea why you can't find that marriage. If you just search the statutory marriages on SP for Winchester and 1862 it will come up. However I bought a copy of it as you are having problems and if confirms that Rebecca Ross (indexed as Rebeccia and I can see why) was the daughter of John Ross, farmer, and Christina Ross, maiden surname Munro, both deceased. David's parents were given as Alexander Winchester and Leslie McPherson, but his parents were actually *James* Winchester and Leslie McPherson, and he was born in Edinkillie (the next parish south-west of Forres) on 8 December 1839.

Rebecca Winchester died in Forres in 1864, aged 38. For some reason her death is not indexed under her maiden name as it should be, which is why I couldn't find it before. When you look at the original it may become clear. David then married Margaret Brander Grant in 1865. The 12-year-old David in the 1871 census is his illegitimate son by Jessie Smith. This child was born in Kinloss (the next parish to the north-west of Forres) on 29 December 1858.


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