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Claude Hanson

Anne:  Thanks for continuing to try to help me.  I did learn how to use the Scotland's People cite, paid a fee and purchased a couple censuses.  I tried for several hours to get the marriage of Rebeccia Ross and David Winchester you mentioned on 13, June 1862 in Forres.  I tried and tried and tried... and nothing.  Finally went to a 2871 census for David Winchester and found he was married to someone else and had a family.  I also spent a quite a bit of effort in the Ladybridge Hospital, but could never find a place where I could ask a question.  Honestly, my brain seems to have stopped functioning and my ignorance is disgusting!!!  Let me know if you can find that marriage....and also let me know how I should get in contact with Ladybridge hospital.  Thanks!  Claude


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It is possible that the John McLeod born in Forgue is the father of Alexander McLeod.

However he shows up as a coachman in every census, and Alexander's father said he was a blacksmith.

I think you still need to follow up the one who was in Ladysbridge Hospital in 1881 and find out whether he was a blacksmith. If he was, then he is more likely to be your John McLeod than the one born in Forgue.

By all means use FamilySearch for pointers. But do not trust anything you find online unless it is an image of an original records. Even then, be wary.

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