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This information is clearly a mishmash of information - some accurate and some not and much completely unrelated - someone has combined a lot of various Campbells and assumed that they are related and they are not.  The information about Duncan's burial is relevant but doesn't match other data that I have documented.  On Scotland's People I found many baptism records that were close but none were spot on.  And I should note that Duncan was not Anglican or Presbyterian - he was Methodist.

However, I will spend some time going over this material - it looks familiar - think I've "been there before" - but it's worth a second look.  Thanks

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Hi Lynne


There are a lot on family trees on Ancestry with not much info but there was one with the same information as yours. Not sure if it your family but it some to work on


On her tree she has the following.


Duncan Campbell / Camble


Birth 5 May 1768 Argylleshire, Scotland, Great Britain

Death 25 September 1850 Radnor, Delaware County. Ohio. USA



Alexander Campbell about  b1741 Innerhadden, Fortingall, Perthshire

Katherine/Catherine McPhail  About b 1741 Innerhadden, Fortingall, Perthshire

They were married 19 April 1766 Fortingall Perthshire.

Two Chrildren

Donald Campbell 1766

Duncan Campbell or Camble c b1768


Different spelling names


Dorst  -- Darst

Wise – Weiss


Peter Campbell born about 1807 Pennsylvania & died 28 July 1865 Rochester, Racina Co. Wisconsin, USA. Married Elizabeth Winn 24 Jan 1836 Saint Joseph, Indiana, USA



She also has this record in her tree for a  soldier pension might be worth looking into.



UK, Royal Hospital Chelsea Pensioner Soldier Service Records, 1760-1920



Name                     Duncan Campbel


Enlistment Age       32


Discharge Age         46


Birth Date              1768


Birth Place              Glenorclay Argyle


Enlistment Year       1800


Discharge Year        1814


Regiment               2nd Battalion 79th Regiment Of Foot






This below is an Ancestry record for a Baptism .


Duncan Campbell



Baptism Date:

31 Jul 1768

Baptism Place:

Fortingall, Perth, Scotland


Alexander Campbell



FHL Film Number:

1040116, 0102727




I have search Scotland People and found these records for the Campbell family


Marriage of   CAMPBELL


KATHARIN MC PHAIL                                        M



10 231



Birth of      CAMPBELL






10 109


Birth of         CAMPBELL






10 114



Hope this helps


Qld Aust.








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I know - it's like looking for John Smith.  I've had experts tell me that it's hopeless - David Dobson and Bruce Durie gave me some help, but in effect said it was hopeless.  But hope springs eternal - and I've been looking for him for years - why stop now?


Duncan Campbell - my only immigrant ancestor - my one and only opportunity to research family naturalization and immigration records - is a complete enigma prior to just before 1800.  My problem is that I have no idea - and have no way of finding out - where in Scotland he came from.  I went to Scotland and spent a week at the National Archives (Scotland's People had nothing and sent me there) and found very interesting documents and letters - had a great time but found nothing to further my family research.  When he first arrived with his wife Christiana and daughter Katherine, he went to Pennsylvania and stayed a couple of years prior to moving on to Ohio.  Have never found credible proof of them in PA.  I have researched and catalogued his life since 1816 - in Licking County, OH.  He then moved on to Radnor, Delaware Co, OH where he remained for the rest of his life - and where I found him being naturalized in the court records.  The one way I thought I could trace him in Scotland was through traditional naming patterns.  That appears to be very useful and I think I have a line on families in the Killin, Perthshire area.  As an aside, I found it extremely interesting to follow the naming pattern - it didn't identify THE family, but it sure helped to eliminate a lot of others.


Info on family is:

Duncan Campbell 1768 Scotland -1850 Radnor Delaware OH

Christiana (Kider?) 1768 Scotland - 1849 Radnor Delaware OH

Katherine Toothaker 1794 Scotland - 1844 Radnor

Elizabeth Rankin 1798 PA 1861 Newark, Licking, OH

Susanna Wise 1806 PA 1864 Troy, Delaware, OH

Peter Campbell 1808 PA - 1856 Rochester, Racine, WI

William Campbell  abt 1810 - Licking Co, OH bef 5 Mar 1859

Isabella Darst - OH, 30 June 1882 Troy, Delaware, OH


If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.  Have been to Radnor and through their court house and genealogy society - helpful but not for origins.  He just wasn't talking and before I die I'd love to know where he came from!!!


Thanks in advance for any ideas you might have






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