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Edie Mc

Hi Valorie,
I think I have it right after initial teething problems. I am subscribed under both my email servers now. Bigpond and gmail, the way I was at rootsweb lists. So hopefully I am properly subscribed.  I had been receiving and posting messages okay before that, but at the same time being told I wasnt subscribed. That now seems to have stopped. I had clicked on the main @scotland address like you told me to and was getting the error message each time.  All is okay now at the moment thanks.

I have posted messages but understand you saying those messages wont appear in the archives as this is just a test period, so the messages will have to be entered after 2 march.  Do I have that correct please?
Edie McArthur

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Subject: [SCT-Gen] Change in address for the group

Hello all, while in the midst of creating the group and subgroups, the address to send messages to the entire group (and not the subgroups, as I understand it - can anyone confirm or deny the truth of that?). seemed not only uninspiring but incorrect. I had no idea that these changes would make it harder for people to find the group -- or to subscribe. 

Mea culpa. 

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If you are hearing any of your Rootsweb list subscribers complain of being unable to subscribe here, please write and tell me so. I would welcome more co-moderators alongside Bret and I. It's not a difficult job, although filling up the wiki with useful information, fine-tuning the subgroup settings, etc. take some minutes. Speak up and we can grant you the necessary powers.


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