Re: 40 years looking for parents of John McLeod, b. 1854 or 1855 in Dyke, Elginshire

MSymon <msymon@...>

Hi Claude

Hope this helps, I can't see any reason this isn't your man, unless
anyone else can.

I did a quick check on Libindx but couldn't turn up anyone that could be
him so I turned to Scotland's People, did a search 1853-1856 and found a
John Mcleod born 2/11/1853 in Dyke to Donald Mcleod and Rebekah Ross -
seems pretty good to me with his aunts being Ross. Did he marry and do
you have his death certificate? And I'd be interested in if Rebekah died
early and if these are her sisters, just to cross check.


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