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Goldie & Lido Doratti

I disagree....ages were supposed to be rounded to the nearest wasn't consistently done. IF you are looking at a census for 1841 in Scotland it is best to plus or minus 5 years. Then work from there. Sometimes that doesn't work either, but worth the try. IF you know where a person was born, that helps, but also you have to allow for WHO gave the info....for example....a wife may not be sure, or an older child may have given it. So do what you can with the 1841 and if this works then skip to the 1851.....then it should show the true age. Failing all of this, and IF you know where a person was born, go to Scotland's People and try that site.....costs, yes, but you will get the actual documentation from the Old Parish Record Book. It is true about the under 15's being shown as the true age. But remember the 1841 census was done in or about 7 June of the year...then IF you know the date of birth, use plus or minus 1 year. Someone born in May would have one answer while someone born in June might give the actual age, or give the age they would be next month.....follow me? Someone who was 38 should show as 40, while someone age 37 should show as 35, BUT in fact it is not consistent, again I say. Think "outside" the box ..Goldie

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No he wouldn’t be shown as 39 but as 35.
Ages up to 15 were shown as the exact age. Ages over 15 were rounded down to the nearest 5 years, hence 39 shown as 35.

Terry Brown

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