Re: "Finding Your Scottish Ancestors in Canada" at Scottish Indexes Conference Monday 8 June 2020 07:00 BST

John Kemplen

Hi Valorie

I see that the conference is scheduled to continue until 10pm British time, which is 2pm your time, so perhaps you could contact the organisers to see if the Canadian presentation could be towards the end of the conference.


On 01/06/2020 22:46, Valorie Zimmerman wrote:
From Twitter today: 

Are you tracing your Scottish ancestors in Canada? Christine Woodcock will present “Finding Your Scottish Ancestors in Canada” at the Scottish Indexes Conference on Monday 8 June 2020. Register for free on

While there, I saw that you can either access via Facebook, or from Zoom. 

Unfortunately for me, 7am in the UK is 11pm Sunday night.


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