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The story that my family passed down is that William meet Barbara's family on a ship coming to America and that her family died during the voyage.  When the ship landed in New York he took her to her Uncle's told him that he wanted to marry her when she came of age.  When she was 18 he came back to New York and married her.  other than that that is all i remember of the story.  I i can find where i filed it i have a lengthy family tree tracing them back to the Haigs.  Problem is the tree is not in tree form but listed as families with other families mixed in and so far i mave not been able to make heads or tail of it.  when i do find it i will put it on the group in sections .


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Please don't place any reliance on online family trees, whether on Ancestry or anywhere else.

What happens is that someone finds only one candidate in the surviving records who roughly fits their ancestor, and they assume it is the right person, even though there is absolutely no supporting evidence. Oblivious to the fact that the surviving records are incomplete, and their genuine ancestor is one who is among the missing ones, they add the candidate to their tree and publish it. Then along come 10 more people, and they find the tree and think, "Oh, good! That's my family, and someone else has done the work, so I'll just add that to my tree, and publish it!" And along come 100 more people who do the same, and before you know it there are hundreds of trees out there all containing the same wrong information. And more people come along and see that there are hundreds of trees with the same information, and they think that all those people must be right because they all agree, and they add the wrong iformation to their trees and publish it.


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