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I found this information on “If Legends are true” they entry was by Emily Dawson 20 Apr 2019 on a William & Barbara  Hoge and their descendants. After looking at this document I am not too sure if you James and the James in this link who died in the USA are the same person.


It you go down the page to where you see  ‘ Here is a Copy of a letter received by Mr. F.L. Hoge”  when you read it, it state that James is the father of Rev Moses Hoge, I look him up and it the incorrect mother.


You know more about your family you might be able to work it out.




Qld. Aust


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I do have a tree when i find where i put it that traces the family all the way back to the Haigs




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Thank you I had thought for years that his mother was Barbara Hume but the lady that has the group on Facebook continual denies it.  She says that James was not their son and he is not listed on her family tree.  This has been my brick wall since i started in 2002 and since beside my aunt i am the only surviving member of my family.  The closest relative i have found thru DNA is a 5th cousin removed.


Dee Horn


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Hello Dee


I have search Ancestry and there are about 3,135 Family Trees on it site for James Hogg & Janet Blackburn


To start the spelling of the family name goes:--  Hogg, Hoge, Hogue Hoag and Hog.


This is a list of James Hogg family Parents Grandparents so on

1. James Hogg & Janet Blackburn 10 children

2. William Hogue & Barbara Lambert Hume 11 children

3. Sir James Hoge & Lady Marjorie Lambert 11 children

4. George Hogue & Elizabeth Cuthbert  11 Children

5 Sir John Baron of Bemersyde Hogue/Hoge & Marion Cuthbert


Going by a lot of trees that I have look at you can say the James parents are William & Barbara Hogue/Hogg


I am not quite sure what you are looking for let me know I will have a Look.




Qld Aust.



















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trying to find info on my 6th great grandfather 


James Hogg

1680 Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

about 1760 Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland 


He married in early 1700's ?


Janet Blaickburn/Blackburn

22 Jul 1689 Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

30 Apr 1730 Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland  


His son Peter and a couple of brothers moved to Virginia and married Elizabeth Taylor and fought the Indians with George Washington,  He was a Captain in Washington's forces


None of the info i find on this family matches.  I found one site that said James father was William Hogg who married Barbara Hume and another said he was Charles Hogg.  This is a long standing dead end for me.


Would appreciate any help.


Dee Horn




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