Anne Burgess

The first thing to recognise is that the records you are looking for may not have survived.

The only place to find reliable information online is (SP). You need to register, and then you can look at the index free of charge. To view original images you need to buy credits.

According to the SP index James Hog (one 'g') and Janet Blackburn had 8 children.

Janet, 1716
Peter, 1719
Robert, 1721
James, 1723
Alexander, 1725
William, 1726
Lewis, 1728
Charles, 1729

You may find that the original baptism records contain information about witnesses, who may provide clues to the rest of the family.

What is your source for the birth and death dates of James Hog and Janet Blackburn?

Never believe anything you find online unless it's an image of an original document (not a printed book). In particular do not trust online trees, no matter how many of them there are that say the same thing. They can be useful as a pointer to look for information, but they are not reliable. You have to check the source of every bit of information.

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