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YES. I have ancestors whose names were spelled several different ways within a quite short time frame. So many ways for that to happen. Did the person writing it come from that area or from far away? Did the recorder hear right? Did the person supplying the info speak clearly? And so on and so on.

Dixie Cutler
always seeking ancestors on Islay or in Wick.

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MC or MAC....makes no difference .......times changed, and it has nothing at all to do with Religion, or being Canadian or American. It’s about having an ‘open’ mind.  People weren’t used to having their names written down, and whoever asked someone’s name wrote it the way they thought it should be.  On the grand scale of things, spelling was not important THEN.  When you are doing research, you are the person who needs to think ‘outside the box’.  Things THEN were not the way they are now.  This is a good lesson for anyone starting out doing genealogy..... Goldie
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We’re going to need more credits. That’s a Jaws joke, which may not translate outside the US.

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