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Goldie & Lido Doratti

Hi John!  You have a top notch lady helping you with this!!  Keep in mind that.... for example... if I asked you for census purposes what your age was today, you would tell me (hopefully the truth); BUT what if your b/day was next week....would you  tell me your age today or in a week?  Most census were done in the spring so when you search you look for a PLUS or MINUS 1 year.  Scotland’s 1841 census was supposed (big word) to give the ages of all children and over the age of 15 or 16 it was plus or minus to the nearest five.  BUT having said that, I have seen someone whose age was 22 put down as 25 instead of down to 20. What would you do with someone who was 23?  I’m sure you can see how easily it was to make a mistake. Some census recorded the actual age of adults, so it’s not written in blood.  The thing to do is keep an open mind and think outside the box. Good luck with the McKay family!!  Goldie

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Hi Anne

I can see that you are clearly better at all of this than I am.  At this point I am 1 for 4.

When I search SP for William McKay deaths the closest I get is an 83 yr old in 1903, in Marnoch. Only one year off in age from what you said, but I trust your hunting skills more than my own. In fact, when I search all William McKay deaths in all of Scotland in 1903, I get just this one in Marnoch. I don’t find any Williams in Cromarty in any year.

I did find Margaret’s 1908 death record in SP. I haven’t bought credits yet to download, because I want to see how many total I might need.

For the 1901 Census I do find a William McKay in Ross and Cromarty in SP, but he is 80, not 79. If you think that is close enough I will download it, but, again, I trust your skills more than mine.

In SP I don’t find any Elizabeth McKays dying in all of Scotland in 1935 even close to the age of 78. And none in Inverness. When I look at Inverness specifically I find an 82 yr old dying in 1930 and a 74 yr old dying in 1945.



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