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Joanne Mackay

Thank you to hw_03-lst-mor@... and Chas Houston for their valuable input .

Will try everything mentioned.

Thank you



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His Deskford marriage record of 27 Jun 1819 shows he was in Cullen at the time. The 1841 census for Deskford declares he was born in Scotland but not in Banffshire (and he was considerably older than his wife).

Could he have been a soldier stationed at Cullen, and discharged after the Napoleonic Wars? If so, his records might be in the National Archives - I believe you can try a Free Trial with FindMyPast to access the basics to at least find if there was a soldier of that name (I got 155 overall - 2 noted as being in Banffshire - whether that's birth place or discharge place I cannot tell).

If so, and what you can extract from FindMyPast isn't enough, a visit in person might unearth details of his entire career. (I found for example that one of mine was paid in money in lieu of beer - wrong way round to my mind!)

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