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Joanne Mackay

Thank you very much Josephine and Goldie. I appreciate the information you have looked up and for your advice.

One of the trees on Ancestry is mine J

I have thought about William McKay and Ann Gray being his parents but I actually can’t prove it. One of his sons Joseph has his fathers name as John on his death certificate which does tie in BUT is Ewen or variations everywhere else. Very confusing!!!

I thought if I could find his burial information it may help confirm him one way or the other maybe buried with parents etc.


I will check out for the Mort cloth info.


Thank you again. Appreciate it. HAPPY EASTER.

Jo Mackay


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Hi Jo


This information is from Scotland People.


Ewen McKay married on 27 6 1819 at Deskford parish 151Ref 20-144 Margaret Russell


There is a death of a Evan McCay  on the 21-12-1842 parish 153 Ref/no 50-478 at Fordyce.


There is a marriage for William McKay to Ann Gray on 00/12/1784 Parish 153 Ref/no 40/408 Fordyce. Scot. So that would make their birth dates about 1763.

These are the children from that marriage on Scotland People


** the one John b1791 could be your Ewan, as I saw on one of the family tree in the early days John was use for Ewan.


I hope this helps



Bris. Aust







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Subject: [ScotGen] Ewan Mackay/McKay-Boggierow death


Hi all


I am enquiring about my GGGG Grandfather Ewen/Ewan/Ewing/Evan/Even Mackay/McKay/McCay (so many diff spellings).

He died 21/12/1842 at Boggierow, Fordyce. He was an Ag Lab and was born c 1791 in Scotland.

He married  in 1819 at Deskford to Margaret Russel.


I have enquired on forums about this family before and don’t want to waste anyone’s time going over info again so I am trying to ask specific questions.

Previous answers have been helpful but I can’t get any traction.


I am trying to find out who his parents were and if he died in Boggierow where would he have likely to have been buried.

He was probably poor and didn’t have a headstone and I haven’t found anything in regards to the death cloth (not sure of its proper title).

What would the population of Boggierow be back in 1842? What newspapers would deaths have been reported to in that area?


Thank you in advance.


Jo Mackay in Australia


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