Re: COMRIE parish or MUTHILL?

Ken Harrison

I was about to reply to Jack that, although it took me a long time to find it, Culnacuries looks like the best bet to be Gualnacarrie.  It’s in the right general area, and who knows which spelling is “correct”.  Then John’s input cemented this.  Thank you to both!



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I have to agree with Jack that Culnacuries is by far the best contender for Gualnacarrie in areas that might have been associated with Muthill.  The exact view on the NLS website is:
and I attach an extract from it.  On the extract, Comrie is towards the right hand side near the top.  Follow the Ruchill Water south west from Comrie until it goes across the join in the map, and Culnacuries is just below the river at that point.  The only named place in that vicinity that is still shown on the 1866 OS map is Auchinner, a short distance to the west of Culnacuries.

Well found, Jack.  I was too hung up on finding an Ordnance Survey map and did not look in the Counties of Scotland category in the map series dropdown menu.


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This is a rather wild guess, so very possibly wrong.
There is a similar name to Gualnacarrie.

It looks to be a farmstead - Culnacuries.
And is SW of Comrie village.
(in part of Strowan Parish 1783) (Monzievaird & Strowan 1805)
It's quite near the parish borders of both Comrie and Muthill.
But the name seems to have disappeared by the 1860s.
(The Counties of Perth and Clackmannan. Jas. Stobbie 1783 / 1805)


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