Re: COMRIE parish or MUTHILL?

Anne Burgess

I know it very well. When I was a child we often went to St Fillans (in the parish of Comrie), where the owner of the hotel was a friend of my parents. Later, my aunt and uncle retired to Comrie and I often visited them there. I also lived in Perth for several years and drove to Loch Earn every Sunday in the sailing season for much of that time. My job in Perth entailed knowing all of the county pretty well.

Comrie, Muthill, Monzievaird-and-Strowan and Trinity-Gask are all parishes in the County of Perth aka Perthshire. You can see a list and links to the Statistical Accounts of each of these at, and a link to a map of the county showing the boundaries of the parishes in 1832.

The parish of Comrie was not part of the parish of Muthill. However the village of Comrie is right at the eastern extremity of its parish, very close to the boundaries with Muthill, Monzievaird and Strowan.

However there could be places called Comrie in other parishes as well as the parish and village of that name in Perthshire. I know of one in the parish of Torryburn, Fife and one in the parish of Contin, Ross and Cromarty, but I am not aware of any others in other parishes in Perthshire.

You can see a list of places in the parish of Muthill at (there are transcriptions below the images of the information in the images).

Clathick is in the parish of Monzievaird and Strowan, about two miles east of the village of Comrie. Modern map
Mid-19th century map;lat=56.38360&lon=-3.93990&layers=5&b=1

Gualnacarrie continues to defeat me.If the reference is from the Muthill parish register, then it must be in that parish or very close to the parish boundary. What exactly does the extract say? Have you looked at other baptisms in the same family? Where do they say the family home was?

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