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John Kemplen

Hi Ken

Muthill is a small place, smaller than Comrie and much smaller than Crieff.  I would be very surprised if these other places had ever come under Muthill for any administrative purpose.  The only parish I have come across that was for a while part of Muthill is Ardoch.

I have looked at a mid-1800s Ordnance Survey six inch to the mile map of the area and have not found anywhere that looks or sounds anything like Gualnacarrie.  I do not believe there are any earlier map series out there to give place names that were changed or disappeared later.  The name is not listed in Scotland's places or on Canmore (the archaeological site website).


On 04/04/2020 00:24, Ken Harrison wrote:

Thank you, John.

I knew that most of those locales were close to Muthill, but I’m still wondering whether they would have been “part of” Muthill and so BDMs would have been recorded in the Muthill register.

And then, Gualnacarrie is still elusive ….


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You can find all of these places except Gualnacarrie with a simple search on Google Maps.  A few miles west of Perth you come to the small town of Crieff, and most of the places you mention are outlying villages, hamlets or individual properties.  Travelling west from Crieff along the main A85 road you find Loch Monzievaird, then Monzievaird House, the you cross the Clathick Burn and then a bit further on you come to the small town / large village of Comrie.  Back at Crieff, if you head south on the A822 road you find Muthill and if you head east from Muthill back towards Perth you find Trinity Gask (which appears also to be called Kirkton).  Gualnacarrie may not exist any more or may have changed its spelling.  Maybe you would be able to find it in the vicinity of one or other of the other places by looking at the 19th Century maps that you can access on the Scotland's Places website or the Canmore website.

John (only very tenuous connections to Perthshire)

On 03/04/2020 22:51, Ken Harrison wrote:

I’d appreciate advice from someone who knows Perthshire.

I’m looking at a page in a book which is named parochial registers of MUTHILL, Perth but the writing at the top of the register page says “COMRIE January 1795”.

Was COMRIE part of MUTHILL?  What other locales were also in MUTHILL?

The entry I am interested in is for an Archibald SINCLAIR “in GUALNACARRIE”.

Does anyone know what/where was Gualnacarrie?  And how it relates to CLATHICK, MONZIEVAIRD or TRINITY GASK?  [The family seems to have moved a lot]


Ken Harrison

North Vancouver, Canada


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