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Lindsay Graham

Hello, Claude -- welcome!

This is an email list, not a site.  You simply ask a question and hope that one of the other helpful and knowledgeable people on the list will be able to answer your question and/or point you to websites that may be of help to you.

One of the most important things to do is to make sure you have an appropriate subject heading.  So, if you want to ask a question about the McLeod/Ross family, put the relevant surnames in the subject heading.  If you want to ask a question about anybody from Rafford, Moray county, put that location in the subject heading.  A proper subject heading should grab the attention of people who are interested in or know something about that name or location.  And, it will also make it easier for people searching the archives of this list in future months and years.

So, ask away, Claude (with a new subject heading) -- hope you have lots of luck in your researches.

Lindsay Graham
Canberra, Australia

On 22/3/20 0726, Claude Hanson wrote:
I joined this cite a couple months ago, and actually have not been able to figure out how to use it.  I am particularly interested in connecting with people who are have family ancestors in Rafford, Moray county.  I have done rather extensive work and  have been relatively successful on the John Ross family.  My wife's father, Alexander John McLeod, was the son of John Ross's daughter Agnes McIntosh Ross and on the birth record it says his father was John McLeod of Alves.  He was raised in the John Ross household with his mother.

Could someone help me understand how to use this cite?

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