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Josephine Conray

Hi Elizabeth.

Just found this in the USA shipping records I think it your two boys, as Alexander is with his brother. Will keep looking.




Fargahar Mclay

Arrival Date:

4 May 1853

Birth Date:

abt 1829





Ethnicity/ Nationality:

Scottish (Scotish)

Place of Origin:


Port of Departure:

Glasgow, Scotland


New York

Port of Arrival:

New York, New York

Ship Name:




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Thank you !

Your input puts Farquhar death at 1838 which is a help, better than my between 1836 and 1841.
McLeay is sometimes spelt McClay, or Macleay.

Our family story that Farquhar ,the son, and Alexander went to America is still uncorroborated,


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Hi Elizabeth


I just did a Google search there are a few records on there for a Farquhar McLeay and I  found this message board and the person is Brett Prentice posted 26 Dec 2014. He has Ann Campbell & Ann McLver as the same person, if that is right that would sort out the two families.


I am looking for anyone who may be researching Farquhar McLeay who married Ann Campbell McIver in August 1820 in Urral, Ross &amp; Cromarty. They had the following children:- Murdoch, Alexander, Murdoch, Farquhar, Margaret, Ann & amp; Colin. Margaret McLeay married Finlay Fraser in 1855 in Kilmorack, Inverness and remained in Scotland. Story goes Farquhar McLeay (father and husband) died at the age of 42 and his widow Ann left for Australia with several children going with her. If you feel you have any information I would love to hear from you


I also read somewhere that the family name could be McLea and later change to McLeay.


I have looked at Ann McLeay shipping record so that is right.





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Thanks Josephine, Iguess the confusion of genealogists shows here.

My confusion: Ann McLeay, crofters widow, is on the Storm Cloud in 1855, Glasgow to Launceston Tasmania Australia.

With her are son Murdoch, son Colin and daughter Ann.

Ann married MORRISON and they farmed next to Ann McLEAY at Bridport in Tasmania.

Murdoch , mother Ann and daughter Ann are buried in Tas.

Colin went to Victoria, married and had children.

It looks like the two families are actually one, and Ann and the children moved to Kilmorack after Farquhar died.

There were two sons Farquhar and Alexander who supposedly went to America and did not return.

And there was daughter Margaret who married Simon Fraser, probably from the farm almost next door, and had two girls,and their daughter Ann went toTasmania and lived with Grandmother Ann and Aunt Ann, Uncle Murdoch and briefly Colin before he went to Victoria.
Thanks Goldie re the mort cloth, an idea I had not thought of.



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