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Thanks Josephine, Iguess the confusion of genealogists shows here.
My confusion: Ann McLeay, crofters widow, is on the Storm Cloud in 1855, Glasgow to Launceston Tasmania Australia.
With her are son Murdoch, son Colin and daughter Ann.
Ann married MORRISON and they farmed next to Ann McLEAY at Bridport in Tasmania.
Murdoch , mother Ann and daughter Ann are buried in Tas.
Colin went to Victoria, married and had children.
It looks like the two families are actually one, and Ann and the children moved to Kilmorack after Farquhar died.
There were two sons Farquhar and Alexander who supposedly went to America and did not return.
And there was daughter Margaret who married Simon Fraser, probably from the farm almost next door, and had two girls,and their daughter Ann went toTasmania and lived with Grandmother Ann and Aunt Ann, Uncle Murdoch and briefly Colin before he went to Victoria.
Thanks Goldie re the mort cloth, an idea I had not thought of.


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Here is a ‘glimmer’ of hope.  See the film for this parish for these years (1838 ish).  The Parish Minister had to keep a record of income and expenses, so often (NOT ALWAYS) you will see a page in the record of marriages and births called Mort Cloth Rentals.  While it won’t tell you what date the death took place it will give the date the Mort Cloth was rented to place over the deceased. 
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Hi Elizabeth


All the family trees on Ancestry have Farquhar McLeay death as 1838 in Scotland but with no place. I have search Scotland people and cannot find a death for Farquhar McLeay either side of that date by 10 years.

There seems to be a couple of families from around the same area that could be connected.


This one is Farquhar McLeay and Ann McCiver who had the following


Murdock Baptism 7/10/1822 in Urray,

Alexander Baptism 21/9/1824 in Urray,

Farquhar Baptism 21/9/1824, in Urray

Farquhar Baptism 14/4/1827, Urray


Your family is Farquhar McLeay and Ann Campbell born c1811 Ardacky  Kilmorack, Inverness, Scot.


Margaret Baptism 15 March 1832 Kilmorack, Inverness, Scotland Film/no 990709

Ann Baptism 28 April 1835 Kilmorack as above

Colin Baptism 8 Dec 1836 Kilmorack same as above.


I found a Margaret McLennan married to a Simon Fraser 1870 but I did find a Margaret McLeay married to a Finlay Fraser in 1855 in Kilmorack.


Also found a Farquhar McLeay in NSW Police a Probationary Constables 1 Nov 1884 and 1 Feb 1885 police officer shield no 4785. He might be something to do with your family.


Hope this helps


Qld Aust.



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Thank you.

My Farquhar married Ann Campbell in 1820 in Urray and my rel Colin is his last born 1836. Ann is listed as a crofters widow in Kilmorack in the 1841 census.

However they did have an earlier born son also Farquhar who we think went to America, not in Kilmorack in 1841.

Interesting also Farquhar senior and Ann Campbell had a daughter Margaret who married Simon Fraser in Inverness and had a daughter Ann.

I do not think this Kiltarlity Farquhar is my ancestor Colins brother, but it is possible, and something to keep in mind . He is too young to be Colins father. Of course ages can be incorrect...

My understanding is the family moved from Blarnabee Urray about the time Colin was born and Farquhar died around then.

Mother Ann  and children Colin, Murdoch and Ann McLEAY went to Australia on the Storm Cloud in 1855. Later Granddaughter Ann FRAZER joined them after both her parents died in Scotland.

So many rePeated  names make it difficult.



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There is a Farquhar McLeay at Kiltarlity in the 1841 census. He married Ann Fraser in 1837 and they have two children born 1838 and 1839 or so.
He is aged 58 in 1871.

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