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Lauraine Syrnick

Not too sure, but is this what you are looking for?

My GG Grandfather is buried by himself on a hill near Maywick Beach in Shetland.  He died in a fishing accident many years ago and not found until 6 months later.  So he was dragged in a sail to this burial spot and his brother asked to identify him. This resulted in the brother having a nervous breakdown and it was some time before he could fish again.  It took me years of searching to finally find a written piece about the accident but finally did.

Lauraine (Smith) Syrnick

On Mar 10, 2020, at 20:54, Janet Miller <janetmiller@...> wrote:

Hi listers
 Good to see the group up and running. My certificate for the burial ground has it spelt two ways so I am not sure, but am looking for index or a disc for burials.  Was not needing it when in Scotland earlier this year and was at Scots Genealogy. Guess that will need to be my first port of call. Suppose it is useless to look for Lair records , which in the past I have received for Peebles, but am told very few have survived.
Am looking for Plenderleith and Sutherland at present.
Janet in down under New Zealand

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