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Interesting. Did they replace it with something or just give name of mom and — if known — the father?
Dixie Cutler

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The use of the word “illegitimate” was discontinued after 1918.
Judy ANderson nee Stables
On Feb 24, 2020, at 8:06 PM, Edie Mc <> wrote:

I do have an illegitimate child born 1850 and it does say Illegitimate and have seen others that early as illigitmate as well.
Edie Mc

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Hmm - no so sure I agree with you. In the 1890-1900, an illegitimate child is definitely noted on its birth certificate as “illegitimate"
aa there is one in my family (that I know of). I will do some research on this so thanks for bringing it up.



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