Re: Need names of some old Farms c1857 in Cathcart, Renfrewshire RFW, Sct

Edie Mc

Thank you for your input. I did just recently a a fortnight ago, printout some of the Cathcart Farms from the website yousuggested as someon on the list had also suggested it. But I need to study them.  I think I was looking for familiar names of people.  Did note a Revd Smith, since I am short of a mother Margaret Smith for our John who was a Lay preacher over here. I was hoping there had been anconnection there.  So far havent found any firm Smiths in our matches as yet nor  any firm McArthurs.  Found McArthurs in matches trees, but not necessarily to do with us. Can only see one Cathcart John McArthur 1828 in the 1851 census, but on Scotlnds people it is Cartsdyke not Cathcart. That is where the Lawful son came into it as we had looked on Scotlands People and fouud a Duncan McArthur but with a Janet  Workman and I had wondered if she may have been a second wife to Duncan and Margaret had died.  So I looked for the birth of the John and it said he was the lawful son of Duncan  and Janet McArthur.  So that was that. I thought hat maybe it meant adopte, but  i dont think there were adoptions that early.  I know folk fostered and men also gave  stepchildren their surnames and all that sort of thing. I will check that volume again to see if it is the one I printed or another one.
Thanks again
Edie McArthur

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In the OPR's (Old Parochial Registers), pre-1855, Lawful son or daughter would be a child born to a married couple. A Natural son or daughter is a nice way of saying illegitimate. Recommend check Renfrewshire OS name books, vol. 02, 1856-1857. This lists all named properties and features. These correspond with the maps for those years. is a good place to check also, 100% of Renfrewshire has been transcribed 1841-71.    


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