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This is a detailed followup to my brief family outline of 19 January covering Ayrshire, Lanarkshire, Isle of Tiree, Midlothian and Fife. The relevant paragraphs have also been posted to their respective old Rootsweb and new lists.

Names of interest Ayrshire and Lanarkshire:

Robert AULD married 1808 Isabel/Isabella ORR in Kilmaurs, Ayrshire. Their children were Robert, Thomas (m. NEILL), Isabel, Hugh, Marion, Janet and Barbara. According to a Kilmaurs 1828 multiple baptismal entry the father had deserted the family.

Thomas AULD living in Failford Ayrshire married 1842 Janet NEILL in Tarbolton.  Janet died 1890 in Kilmarnock and Thomas 1893 in Govan. Nine children were baptised in Tarbolton - Robert (m. McDONALD), Agnes Finlay (m. HENDRIE), William Neill, Thomas, George Neill, James Neill, Thomas, Janet and Hugh, the youngest George was baptised 1866 in Kilmarnock.  Janet NEILL was the eldest child of William NEILL and Agnes FIN(D)LAY.  Janet's siblings - William, George, Robert x 2, Elizabeth, James and Agnes, all born at Coilsfield and baptised in Tarbolton.

Agnes Finlay AULD married 1867 Thomas HENDRIE in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. A son Thomas HENDRY was the grandson of Thomas AULD (above) and the informant of his 1893 death in Govan.  Thomas HENDRY was living in Glasgow 1901 may have married Annie and had three children between 1895-99.

**** Robert AULD married 1863 Catharine McDONALD in Stonehouse, Lanarkshire. Their four children were baptised in Stonehouse, Bothwell and the two younger ones in Dalziel - Thomas (m. Martha Ann SMITH in NZ), Neil McDonald, Euphemia McDonald (m. LEAN) and Janet. Catharine McDONALD, was born in Kenovay, Isle of Tiree to Neill McDONALD (d. 1838/39) and Euphemia (Effy) MacDONALD, as were her siblings Janet and Niel.

Robert AULD and Catharine McDONALD died in Motherwell 1873 and the children went to live with family or were adopted by neighbours as follows.

Thomas AULD came to New Zealand in 1879 as Thomas Auld SMITH, son of Motherwell neighbours Adam SMITH and Sophia WILSON (second relationship for both) and two of their children Adam (m. KNOCK in NZ) and Jane Bell (m. REISIMA and ADAMSON in NZ), an older son John remained in Scotland. The ship was met in Napier by two other children James Bell SMITH (m. MUMFORD in NZ) and Sophia (m. 1870 Robert RUSSELL in Dalziel). Thomas continued using the SMITH name including on NZ Electoral Rolls until at least 1893, then reverted to Thomas AULD.  The association with descendants of his adopted family continues today.

Neil McDonald AULD is a mystery.  In 1881 he appears to be living as the adopted nephew of Janet COKE in Bothwell.  At some stage he has changed his name, dying in Pollok, Glasgow in 1945 as James STEEL (formerly Neil AULD), Robert AULD and Catharine McDONALD his parents.

Euphemia McDonald AULD (d. 1918) went to live with her grandparents Thomas AULD and Janet NEILL in Kilmarnock.  She married James Reid LEAN (d. 1914). There were two children who eventually came to New Zealand, perhaps to be with their uncle Thomas and his family.

Janet AULD it is unknown what happened to the youngest child of Robert and Catharine.

Names of interest Isle of Tiree:

Niel McDONALD (d1838/39), a tailor married 1834 Euphemia (Effy) MacDONALD in Kenovay.  Three children were baptised in Kenovay between 1834-38 - Janet, Catharine and Niel.  In 1841 Euphemia and her children may be living in Kenovay with Lily McDONALD age 60 a cotter and others.  Perhaps her siblings and mother?  No further conclusive information about the family has been found in Tiree.

Catharine McDONALD married Robert AULD from Failford, Ayrshire, in Stonehouse, Lanarkshire in 1863.......
**** To avoid repetition of details please refer back to the paragraph (Robert AULD married 1863 Catharine McDONALD in Stonehouse, Lanarkshire) in the previous Ayrshire/Lanarkshire section for continuing family details ****

Names of interest Midlothian and Fife:

William SWAN married 1822 in Lasswade Ann HENDERSON (d. 1851). There were eight children, some baptisms found in Liberton,
Elizabeth, Nancy, William jnr, Ann, Cecil, James and Christina (m. McGILL & BALLOCH/BALLOCK), thanks to Archie GILBERT for his SWAN input. By 1861 William, snr and jnr, Christina and possibly others, were living in Burdiehouse. The youngest child Francis (Fanny) Gordon SWAN (m. HENDERSON in NZ) was born in Straiton, Midlothian, came to New Zealand abt 1864 and married 1866 George HENDERSON in Oamaru.

James HENDERSON married 1838 in Torryburn, Fife Catherine KEIR(KIER). Only two children located so far baptised in Dunfermline - Margaret Mathewson and George (m. SWAN in NZ). I have yet to locate the family in earlier Census, but in 1881 Catherine is in Dunfermline and 1891 in Crossford, which might be where she was born abt 1815, her parents may be Peter KEIR and Margaret MATHEWSON who married in 1803.  James died pre-1881 Census and Catherine 1896 in Dunfermline.

Margaret Mathewson HENDERSON has not been found to date
George HENDERSON also came to New Zealand abt 1864 marrying 1866 Francis Gordon SWAN in Oamaru. There were 11 children.

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