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Robert McArthur

Hello Edie. Yes, I’ve tested at the Y67 level on Family Tree, kit 161122. I matched with one person on all 67 markers, but he was unaware of an Islay connection and we have no idea who our common ancestor is, though it’s probably just a generation or two before Daniel. I’m guessing that Daniel and Jennette emigrated to America as displaced renters, but I don’t have proof and am unable to find them on any ship registry. In fact I have no information at all about them pre-emigration.


Bob McArthur


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H Robert and other McArthurMacArthurs ..  My former husband also Robert or user name RobMcA on who like two of our sons Malcolm and Glenn have been DNA tested with Familytreedna at the Y67, Y111 and Big Y700 level.  They havent a McArthur match as yet but five branches of the McArthur lineage, so it would seem. several MacDonalds, MacNeil, Mackay, Carmichael, Campbell and Monro/Munro, between nine member still standing at the Y111 level. There were several other names at the Y67 level.
abut 45 anmes except for nine were flushed out as false positives. The father Rob and sons are 0 step level which on familytreedna is the closest level, but our closest outside of immediate family is 8 steps.  This is with a William MacDonald born c1766 at Farr, Sutherland and all others are for the Caithness areas and one the Isle of Lismore which is a Carmichael. I note this William on in the public trees but don't know if they have done the ancestry DNA. Have you tested with any of the companies Robert?

I am trying to understand this.  We have joined both the Arthur project on familytreedna and are at the top matching a MacDonald no match with any of the other McArthur.  on the Scottish project no matches there with McArthur, so one of the men left although we really need to have a much closer match to have any real idea of which of the surnames or Clansmen have used the McArthur name and when and why.

We will no doubt get more matches if more men would only do YDNA  direct male line tests and an autosomal test. Since we have matches of other names it is clear one of those have either stolen, inherited, or has been adopted by  the McArthur's.  My eldest son Glenn Y67 marker, says the McArthurs were without a Clan Chief for over two hundred years.  Do you know the history and I believe the King may have murdered the McArthur Chief or something like that.  We would like to get our head around when this name change took place.  It isn't a matter of waiting until our McArthur does a DNA test as we do have matches and none are McArthur. We know too it is common among the Highlanders they had a different naming system. Frustrating.

 What do you know about the hsitory when the fueds were going on or the clearances when land was taken from the McAthurs etc. I have a date-line of the Clearances. The double sided sheet was inside a manilla folder at our public libraryin Tasmania and I printed it out, it i very interesting.

Our John McArthur born c1828 was living down in Cathcart Renfrewshire in 1856, just prior to his marriage.  Our DNA locations are Halkirk, Reay in Caithness, Isle of Lismore and Farr in Sutherland.  Most are in the Caithness area. I thought someone had said that wasnt really a MacDonald stronghold. I have seen a Duncan McArthur in the Bredalbane 1767 )too early for ours I think,) Ordnance survey and Johns father was a Duncan McArthur and mother Margaret Smith.  neither the McArthur or the Smiths are coming through in ancestry at the moment or ftdna for McArthur. I did see something, I dismissed at the time, in something I read over here  where in relation to John McArthur.  The article said John McArthur of Breadalbane.  As we had one over here and I knew ours did not live in Breadalbane over here, I started wondering if he was born in Breadalbane, North Perthshire, Scotland.  I need to start in Renfrewshire and work back somehow.

Edie McArthur for Robbie, Glenn and Malcolm McArthur and Sue who also has a ancestry dna test. 5 out of six including me have been tested. Tehe other son isnt sure and really it isnt needed unless with another company.

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Yes, I am Robert Hall McArthur. Glad to see supporting evidence of the Islay connection. Incidentally, Jennette’s maiden name was also McArthur.



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