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Edie Mc

Hi Julie,
We have Lang/Laing and Robertson, Dougal, Walker all connected to each other, but for the Redding, Wallacestone, area of Polmont , Stirklingshire.  One of ours David Laing, with his wife Isobel//Isabella  Hay and some of his family emigrated to New Zealand in the 1860's from Scotland. We havent found any Laing matches in our DNA on ancestry as yet other than one David Laing who doesnt reply.  I think he maybe has same problem as for our McArthurs and cannot match anyone.  NO with the name McArthur at least. with our McArthur we do have  matches with familytreedna but not the Mcarthu rname, so wondering if that is his problem as well..  We have Laing back to a William Laing/Land, Seaman no birth and nomarriage, but had three children with Elizabeth Dougal in 1804, David, William and Thomas Livingston Laing, the last born 1814.

Not much help to you but, thought I would let you know we do have some Laing/Laing, it was my late mother in laws maiden name. Her gret grandparents were James Robertson Laing and Jean/Jane Bennie of Polmont Stirling,Scotland they arrived in Tasmania 1857.
Edie McArthur

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Hi All, my surnames are Potter, Crow, Lang /Laing and Wilson mainly from around West Lothian ( Uphall, Livingstone, Whitburn, Bathgate) My 2x great grandfather married Marion Laing and their son James married Elizabeth Robertson Crow. They emigrated to New Zealand with four children in 1902. James had been an overseer & Joiner at Calder House in Mid Calder. I am not sure why they came here but maybe for a better life.


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