Daniel and Jennette McArthur of Islay

Robert McArthur

I’d like to hear from anyone with knowledge about my great-great-great grandparents Daniel and Jennette McArthur, who emigrated from Scotland to North Carolina in America in the 1770s. They claimed to have come from Islay. Although there is abundant information about their descendants, I know nothing of their background, and to date I have not identified any of their Scottish ancestry. A few years ago Roger McWee told me he had found some data on Daniel, but no information linking him to any farm or town. I frequently receive Family Tree notifications of y-dna matches, including some strong Nordic, Isle of Mull, and Scottish mainland matches, but so far nothing with a definite link to Islay, and nothing identifying a common direct ancestor. I have seen trees indicating that Daniel’s parents were named John McArthur and Jean Hair, but no supporting evidence of that. Family Finder has been useful in helping me find some relatives, mainly distant cousins here in America. I have uploaded my dna information to Gedmatch (kit T894735) and am in process of deciphering the match information in that database (looks like a long learning curve).

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