James BARTON of Roucan, Scotland, born c1739, my DNA family name

Edie Mc

I would be interested in hearing from anyone belonging to this gentleman. James BARTON, born 1739 Roucan, Dumfires, Scotland. My brother has a 5 step match with him on Familytreedna. His information can be found on this database.


I too have a match with some of his descendants though I do not know where they fit in but I have a 194 cm match with a lady on ancestry.com and we share William Robert BARTON 1829 at Alverstoke, Hampshre and his wife Anne BOGUES. I have a match with both of them. I am missing a great grandfather as William had several sons and my gt gf was one of them. My grandfather was born Edward Ernest PLACE born in Rochester Kent and through DNA I discovered my great grandfather Frederick Hugh PLACE 1874 was not Edwards natural father. My GT GM Edith Ann REED married Frederick when 8 months pregnant. Since then I have found all my family members who have DNA tested are matched to many folk with BARTON DNA. On the FTDNA front my brother has this James BARTON of Roucan, Dumfires 1739 and that is the furthest back so far anyone has given as furthest back ancestor on FTDNA. William BARTON father Samuel was also from Scotland and another Ireland. They are all mentioned on the database.

Is there anyone on this list belonging to his family please.

I do have a nice story from ancestry.com match had put up on her public page, along with photos etc, so that side of the family is okay, but it would be good to get a little on this fellow.

It would also be great if more of you males on the list would think about having your direct line YDNA tested as there is a shortage of males doing the YDNA. Autosomal on ancestry is good for complimenting the YDNA as you can usually pick up and connect family from both tests.We have up to Big Y but the Y111 i the most useful unless you are an expert and do th Big Y. We are not experts. We went from the Y67 markers with 44 matches and after upgrading to Y111 111 markers we got rid of the false positives and down to 9 men of four surnames belonging to the same lineage on my childrens fathers side of the family. Three surnames on my own side of the family so worth doing the Y111. You get to see results of all the other markers. Y111 narrows it all down.

Edie McArthur


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