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Thanks very much for sharing this website Laurane. It will be useful to me. It also highlights how handy to stay on the main Scotland list as you would miss out of all what is on offer for the whole of Scotland if you only were on a County list. I hope to be on one or two myself, but I will say with this one for this type of goody.

I have found in the past as well, that when you try to just be on a Name list for a particular country instead of a name list for all over, it soon drops off. When browsing the rootsweb list prior to this list, to see which was the most active, I found the Scotland list rather than the county list seemed to be the most active and most of the others were dormant already. I hope to subscribe to Renfrewshire, but I dont think it will be any more active than the Rootsweb one. What may save the lists is the fact you can now put images over on, that you were not able to on rootsweb.. That will be a plus I think.


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Just received the above site. Please note that Lancashire is shown in this group.


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