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Sue Dietz



Ok, I wish to stay in touch so here is my first post.

A great big thank you to you folks who do what you do for all of us. (kudos Bret and Valerie)

I felt so at home during my first trip to Scotland with my predominantly Scottish grandson, the MacMichael.

I had great success with his ancestry thanks to many of you, particularly Malcolm Lockerbie. And Bruce McDowall -is that correct?

I shall see her again in May when I cruise around the British Isles. I have more Scots, Irish, British ancestry than German and

One day I hope to know about my Scots-Irish Wilsons. I have not heretofore felt I knew enough to query about them, but maybe soon.

Sue fulk dietz

Earliest known Scot ancestor is Henry Wilson ?-1805 whose father may have been David/Davis Wilson 1685-? Antrim, Ulster, Ireland

and his father David/Davis Wilson 1650-? Inverness, Scotland. Will be wonderful to know for certain.

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