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Anne Farrar

To get only Islay mail go to the main page  and look in the top left corner. There is a selection for “sub-groups”. Click there and it takes you to a list where you can select “Islay”.

From: M Monty
Sent: Thursday, February 06, 2020 4:40 PM
Subject: Re: [ScotGen] Islay
Diane, you say below that you don't have to get emails from both lists if you don't want, but didn't say how to do that! Many of us want the Islay feed but not the Scots feed.

From: <> on behalf of M. Diane Rogers <diane_rogers@...>
Sent: Thursday, February 6, 2020 6:01 PM
To: <Scots@...>
Subject: Re: [ScotGen] Islay
There is a very active Islay list - we are a subgroup to this main Scots list. (There are other subgroups.)
You don't have to get e-mails from both, if you don't want.  And you can always go to your home page to read messages.
Islay (subgroup of Scots) -
Islay Group moderator

From: "Lynn Seamark" <lmseamark@...>
To: "" <>
Sent: Thursday, February 6, 2020 4:54:41 AM
Subject: [ScotGen] Islay
Just a question - Did I miss something when we changed from Rootsweb to this site? Is it now a general Scotland not specifically Islay?



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