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As far as I know there are no canals anywhere near Ellisland, or in Dumfries-shire or Ayrshire.

Karina, when do you think this Burns House might have been demolished?

The Forth and Clyde Canal passes through Falkirk. It was opened in 1790.

In 1822 the Union Canal, linking Edinburgh with the Forth and Clyde Canal, was opened. See

In the 1930s the Union Canal was closed and the flight of locks at Falkirk was built on.

In the late 20th century the Union Canal was restored and the Falkirk Wheel was built to replace the flight of locks and reinstate the link between the two canals.

So it would be really useful to know roughly when you think this 'Burns House' might have been demolished.

Also, do you think it had anything to do with Robert Burns, or are the references to places associated with him red herrings?


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Are you referring to Ellisland Farm site? Other houses are still standing (birthplace) and Dumfries.

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Anybody have any information about Burns House. It doesn't exist anymore, but was demolished to make way for a canal or something. I can't find anything about it. Hoping someone out there does.


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