Re: Seeking information about "the Deanery", Leith or Edinburgh, 1890s

Susan Kiley

Fiona, thank you, thank you!  You've given me instant access to information that I'd been unable to find despite untold hours of searching.  I'm going to go looking for those novels next. 

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Hi Susan
I think you are looking for Dean Orphanage (I remember it plays a key role in the Peter May novels) 

Hope this helps

Fiona Turnbull

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Subject: [ScotGen] Seeking information about "the Deanery", Leith or Edinburgh, 1890s
I’ve had no luck searching online.  My paternal grandfather Thomas Wright was born in Leith in 1884,  His father, a dock worker, died in 1888 leaving ten children, including my then-three years old grandfather.  My grandfather said that his mother placed all her boys at “The Deanery” and that his mother and all the girls went into service.  In 1907, at the age of 22, Thomas emigrated to Canada. 
     I’m not sure if the story is true, especially given that I’ve found Thomas living with family members at the time of both the 1891 and the 1901 censuses, but I’m hoping to learn if there actually was a “Deanery” that might have housed destitute children in the late 1800s,  Bonus points given if anyone knows if records of children housed there still exist!
                                                                                                                    Thank you, Susan Wright Kiley from USA 

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