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Ian & Margaret Kelly

I think that WikiTree and Lauraine have the right idea. Why not take an extra few seconds and type the full word instead of using the codes. Not everyone lives in Scotland.

Ian, Qld. (oops, better make that Queensland)

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Yes, realized they were abbreviation
and I use SHI sometimes. However, also belong to WIkiTree and you have to write the full contents of places so people from all over the world can readily understand0 what place you are talking about. For those living in Scotland, these may be a benefit but for the many people living in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States do not see this as being viable. I have so much paper on my desk, another piece will not help and would never find it. Must try and find out which abbreviation is for Angus or Forforeshire.
Lauraine Syrnick
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Hello Lauraine - thanks for your comment. To answer your question - ROC is the code for Ross and Cromarty, as I stated in my initial suggestion, just to use an example. Some more examples - INV = Inverness, BAN = Banff, MOR = Moray etc. They're fairly self explanatory really. By the way, they are available in many other locations and a printed page comes in handy.

How about if those who are used to using them, continue to do so and those not familiar, not use them, then the reader can decide whether to read the post or not.


On 5/02/2020 7:27 pm, Edie McArthur wrote:
I actually found the list of codes to be handy. I printed them all out and used one this morning when I posted about the whereabouts of any old Cathcart Farmsc1850's in Renfrewshire. RFW. It shorted the subject heading for me. To each his own I guess.

Edie McArthur

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Definitely agree with Lindsay. Such codes are not good for all of us. Yes, maybe we should use them, but have no idea what’s ROC means. Will have to look it up which is a real pain.
Lauraine (Smith) Syrnick - Canada

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