Re: Codes

Lauraine Syrnick

Janet, I am a touch typist and it would take me several minutes to look up codes if not longer. At one time did 80 words per minute. Am now 82 so not fast any more but can still touch type so much faster than looking an abbreviation up.
Lauraine - Canada

On Feb 5, 2020, 8:40 PM, Janet Miller <> wrote:

I do not use codes and struggle some times to think what they are and could have written them many times by the time I look them up and get them correct . Handy if one has a small data base , but my Scots relatives all 40,000 come from all over and I would rather remember them than fill my head with codes. Like anything of course one can get used to it if one has to, but they are surely not the best in a data base where descendants who are not genealogists will be looking or when a print out is sent. The uninitiated will struggle no end and of course a touch typist will not bother and an unrecognised code will just be a humbug.
What fun this genealogy is.

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