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Edie Mc

Hi Fiona,
Thank you for your help.  I am familiar with Genuki, it is a wonderful site to use.  However you do have to use other sites as it doesn't cover everything ones needs.  The National Map site, I have'nt seen, so that is going to be very useful.  Now I need to know where to  locate the Ordnance Name Books as I am sure they will be useful to others as well, especially if like me they live overseas in Australia.

I have seen a good bit of Scotland during and after a working holiday in 1990 in the UK, when we were living at Gateshead, Tyne N Wear and you could go in and out  of Scotland on weekends and long weekends. Then we did a more thorough look through Scotland using Youth Hostels.  Been to the Isle o Skye an the main cities, not sure about Oban,  I will have to look at my photos from that trip.  We had  been to Scotland briefly in 1989 to visit Fort George at Ardersier, Inverness where my grandfather Joseph Henry LANE was born 1975 whilst my great grandfather  Joseph Crane  LANE was stationed with the First Royal Scots. Also my GF half sister Martha LANE (born  Colchester, Essex, England to  Joseph Crane LANE first wife Emma HOLMES, who died in Colchester), was living there also and she had married a Thomas MacNeil, son of Margaret Porteous and William MacNeil.

My son and I are quite frustrated Fiona.  We have everything we need the Tasmanian end and we have had  two of our  three sons and our only daughter, plus their fathers DNA using three companies, FTDNA, MyHeritage and  It is just the birth date and place of our John McArthur c1828, could be either side of that.  We have a census record in 1841 of a Duncan McArthur with a wife Janet , they have children Duncan, Peter Robert, John and daughter Janet, but I have checked the birth of that John out on Scotlands people and he is the lawful son of Duncan and Janet McArthur.  What does Lawful usually mean as I dont  always see that, but our John has Margaret Smith as his mother on his and Isabella Stevensons marriage certificate.

I was thinking that maybe he belonged to the Militia as he was a farm servant and could maybe of been called up.  I have checked on fold3 for him but cant see anything that stands out.

Thank you again for your help.
Edie Mc

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Have you looked at the links here - also check out the maps at the National Library of Scotland as many of the older maps have farms  on them
Access high-resolution zoomable images of over 200,000 maps of Scotland, England, Wales and beyond

"CATHCART, parish, chiefly in Renfrewshire, but partly in Lanarkshire, and including parts of the southern suburbs of Glasgow. It has a post office of its own name, under Glasgow, and contains the Queen's Park, the town of Crosshill, the villages of New Cathcart,  Old Cathcart, Crossmyloof, Langside, Camphill, Prospect Hill, Florida, Clarkston Toll, Hangingshaw, Millbridge, Netherlee, and part ...
If I can help in some way let me know as I am based in Oban, Scotland

Fiona Turnbull

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Thankyou Josephine.  I have three trees up for McArthur.  the main one is McARTHUR/STEVENSON etc Laing/WEBBER etc Family Tree they had 9 children all born in the Upper Nile area, near Evandale.  Isabella 1858 (conceived in Scotland), Margaret, Mary, John,  George, William (iur Line, Peter Duncan and Robert Russell McARTHUR.  the family arrived in Tasmania 31 March, 1857 on the Broomielaw. I have never found a photo of the ship and have always comeup withe the  Dock Brooielaw when goggling.  Beed to Quebec where  she was built as well to see if they had any photos of her.  I saw the log book she was mentioned in but no photo.

I have done a bit of seach n the whereabouts of Cathcrt but havent found any farms as wyet. I did finda young fellow John  CUNNINGHAM aged 21 and single on the Broomie law lso from Cathcart and thought he may of been working with our Joh and put a post  over AUS-TAsmania.rootsweb but to no avail. There was no reply for any cunnigham families who had this John in their family tree.  I though there was a town or farm name in front of Cathcart for his entry, but cannot seem to find where I saw it now. It would  be a starting point for me to find the little village  or farm near Cathcart where John was working I knw Cathcart is only about  2miles by 4 miles.

Another thing is I was in touch with a lady who lives overseas whose family came fromBarrhead very close to Cambuslang. Her family came out to Sydney and were into the Shipping business.  she did give me her families and there were a few Thomas which we  do not have in our family.andshe isnt planing to having any DNA tested I think only her father and a little baby are the males and the father is in a nursing home, so close but so far.

Thanks for all of the help given so far.
Edie McArthur

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Just Google and found this site.  Also there are about 53 Family Tree on Ancestry for John  & Isabella, and both of them died in Parersonia, Tasmania, Australia and had 14 childrem








Qld Aust












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Does anyone have a list or at least one  farm in Cathart, Renfrewshire area please. It ould  needed to be going back at least 1956.  I want to search in that area for our John McArthur born 1828 someplace in Scotland , but was living and working as a Farm Servant  at Cathcart prior to his and Isabella Stevensons marriage that took place at Cambuslang, Lanarkshire 2 December 1856.  Their banns were read at Cathcart.  I would like to do a bit of research i that area.  Also a good reseachers name would be useful as well  for that area please, in case I dont have any luck myself.

Thank you in advance for any help.





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