Re: Need names of some old Farms c1857 in Cathcart, Renfrewshire RFW, Sct

Edie Mc

Thank you for your reply Jean. Yes I know Cathcart is now between Glasgow and Renfrewshire since 1912, I believe, but in 1857 it was in Renfrewshire ony.  Our John McArthur c1828, son of Duncan McArthur and Margaret Smith, was working there then and I am trying to trace his movements and hoped to find him at a farm working in the region of Cathcart.  Hoping he will be mentioned in one of the farm surveys.. He was born elsewhere  I think. We haven't found any McArthur surname in any of three males DNA, or at least three family members autosomal with But have at least four surnames to go on that do appear in their YDNA with familytreedna'  It was commn for Highland surnames to be named differently  We had another surname the other day and they too have never found  their surname through DNA as yet like us. We only have to deal with 9 as we have done Y111 and it has be narrowed down to the 9 surnames.  So I am hoping to find when the name change took place, or the NPE that was suggested.

Edie McArthur

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Cathcart is an area in the south side of Glasgow

Jean Reynolds

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Does anyone have a list or at least one  farm in Cathart, Renfrewshire area please. It ould  needed to be going back at least 1956.  I want to search in that area for our John McArthur born 1828 someplace in Scotland , but was living and working as a Farm Servant at Cathcart prior to his and Isabella Stevensons marriage that took place at Cambuslang, Lanarkshire 2 December 1856.  Their banns were read at Cathcart.  I would like to do a bit of research i that area.  Also a good reseachers name would be useful as well for that area please, in case I dont have any luck myself.

Thank you in advance for any help.


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