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Lindsay Graham

Although a fellow Australian, I'm afraid I have a different view, Jocelyn.

First, it is really important that subject headings are relevant to the content of the message.  That's why I changed the heading above -- and also made it a new topic so that it is not included in the same conversation as all those about MORE.  How much easier it will be for each of us when looking over pst emails and, particularly, the archives of this list, if subject headings relate to the content.

Second, I agree that Chapman codes can be useful, but not everyone knows about them.  This list should be useful for both new and experienced researchers -- it will be most helpful for newbies if the words used are easily understood without having to do a lookup somewhere else.

Lindsay Graham
Canberra, Australia

On 3/2/20 1040, Jocelyn Gould wrote:

Hi Folks,

Can I suggest that we also put the place or county name with the surname.  For compactness in the subject line, I suggest we use the Chapman Codes for the county and country.  These can be found at <>   In my case it's MORE ROC SCT.  If we're all only looking in SCT then we can delete that to save space.  For those unfamiliar with these, ROC is Ross and Cromarty.


Jocelyn in Australia

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