Re: Lochaber & North Argyll Family History Group.


leshorn44@... said:
Now that the Rootsweb Lists for Argyll and Inverness-shire are closing this is a good time to remind the old users of those Lists, and those who have since joined this, of the Parishes covered by the Lochaber & North Argyll Family History Group. The Group has a Facebook page.
The Group covers the Parishes in (north) Argyll which were subsumed into the Highland Region with the re-organisation in 1974, and those in Inverness-shire in Lochaber
Would you like to link that Facebook page to a subgroup here for Lochaber & North Argyll? I can create it for you and then pass you ownership of the subgroup. Let's discuss this if you are interested, privately. My email is valorie.zimmerman@...

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