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On Sun, Jan 19, 2020 at 8:58 PM Lindsay Graham <LDGraham@...> wrote:
However, in my view, the weekly digest option is an abomination unless you expect NEVER to respond to any messages on the list.  Unfortunately, many digest subscribers simply reply to one of the messages in the digest without changing the subject heading and without including prior emails on the same subject -- which makes it very difficult for readers to follow the conversation thread.  As someone else pointed out, having useful and self-explanatory subject headings that directly relate to the subject matter is very important for readers of the list and, especially, for those looking up the list archives.

That has been true in the Rootsweb lists. The digests are a bit different, and do allow you to answer either in email or one the web to *one* message, not the whole digest. There is an option for a plain text digest, which is probably the same as the one Mailman offered to us before.

It depends on people's email setup whether or not quoting is automatic. If people reply on the web, copy/paste is necessary, which is rather annoying. 

The admins of some lists with which I'm associated do not allow weekly digest subscriptions, and that's what I would do if I was an admin.  It is so easy to skim through (or delete) individual messages.

Lindsay Graham
Canberra, Australia

Not everyone wants to reply. I would never take that option away; I already read the GMF group for group admins via digest. Otherwise it would be overwhelming. I may end up doing the same for the main Scotland-Genealogy group; my interests are in some of the subgroups.


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