Roll Call - Campbell, Sinclair, McIntagart, McMurchie,Cameron, Keitk, McCuaig, McFee

Lorne & Susan Campbell

Hi Everyone


I am also descended from a second Islay Campbell family.


Alexander CAMPBELL (c, 1771- 1841) married 1796 Mary SINCLAIR (c.1778-1853),  daughter of John Sinclair and Catherine McCuaig. They had the following children:

i.                     John CAMPBELL (1797-1876.) married Christian SINCLAIR (1796-1881, daughter of John Sinclair and Mary McIntagart.

ii.                   Hugh CAMPBELL (1800-1884) married c.1822 (1) Margaret MCMURCHY "Peggy McMurchie" (1806-1860)  and married 1862 (2) Catherine MACNAB (1836-?).

iii.                 Katherine CAMPBELL (1804-?).

iv.                 Alex CAMPBELL (1805-?).

v.                   Mary Ann CAMPBELL (c.1806 -1869) married 1821 Allan CAMERON. .

vi.                 Malcom CAMPBELL (1808-?).

vii.                Ann "Nancy" CAMPBELL (1810-1894) 1830 married John KEITH (1806-1862),  son of Nicol Keith and Mary Brown..

viii.              Archibald "Archie" CAMPBELL (1812-1868) married Ann MCCUAIG (1809-1893),  daughter of John McCuaig and Jane Gilchrist.

ix.                  Malcolm L CAMPBELL (1814-1900) married 1834 Sarah Marion MCFEE (1811-1899), daughter of Donald McFee and Isabella Campbell.

x.                   Walter CAMPBELL (1817-1873) married c. 1844 Catherine SINCLAIR (1818-1853) and married c. 1854 Elizabeth  "Ellespy" MCCUAIG (1812-1874), daughter of John McCuaig and Jane Gilchrist. 

xi.                  Catherine CAMPBELL (1820-1887) married c. 1844 Malcolm SINCLAIR (c.1816-1864).


Always looking to fill in some blanks.





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