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Anne Burgess <anne.genlists@...>

No, PAF5 will not run on Win10.

I solved this problem by creating a Virtual Windows XP computer in the Win10 computer. That is to say, a friend created one for me.

I did look at AQ but I didn't like some of the 'improvements' so have not yet migrated my data on 50,000+ relatives, plus quite a lot of files of unconnected people.


On Tuesday, 28 January 2020, 21:44:51 GMT, Ken Harrison <kenharrison43@...> wrote:

I'd appreciate some advice from others who have gone before me on this.  I
have resisted upgrading from Win7 out of fear that some (all?) of my old
software would not work under Win10.

I'm being forced to make the move now, and wonder about PAF5.

I know that it is no longer available, and is not supported, and has not
been replaced with anything else, so .

Have any of you found that it will/won't operate under Win10?

If not, what is the best alternative, given that I will need to import all
my data on over 29,000 persons?  I know in the past that some of the popular
knock-offs did not support all the fields in PAF (birth and Bap, death &
burial, etc).

Any general advice?  I'm sure several others are in a similar situation .

Ken Harrison

North Vancouver, Canada


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