Irwin-Carmichael Birthday Book - beginnning in Victoria County, Ontario, Canada

M. Diane Rogers

Hi, everyone, 

I've been participating in a Family History Challenge this month, mostly blogging about family treasures. Some of you will remember I published an index quite a long time ago to my great grandmother, Janet Carmichael's, Birthday Book. She was from the area of Islay, Ontario, Canada and in 1881 she and her husband, William Irwin, went west to live in what became Newdale, Manitoba. She was given the Book then, and many family members and friends signed it for her.
Her daughter, my grandmother Amy Irwin (married name, Scott), later kept the book up, so there are Manitoba and later British Columbia names and dates, even me! 

I've redone the list and published it on my blog. And I'm rescanning - carefully - all the Birthday Book pages. 

If you see a likely name, let me know. I'll send you a copy of the page. Most of the older entries have signatures. Some a little verse or message.

M. Diane Rogers 
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