finding messages previously shared on this site

Sue Visser

Doris Sanders asked that “the complete file from OA 1839” be sent again.  This is something that each member can do for themselves without something being sent again.
I suspect our Admin, M. Diane Rogers, must be away otherwise she would have shared the following. 
The “Home” for this list is  This is where you sign in for to join (and to change/update your email address).  It’s a site you really should visit since there are other goodies there.  Sign in with the email you joined with and then check out the folders.
For example, previous posts:  go to “Messages” – that’s where you’ll find that 1839 post.
A more valuable folder to check is “Photos” where there are many valuable shared files – for example, the full Rent Roll for Kildalton, 1733.
Perhaps you want to email another member off list who you’ve connected with in your family research?  That’s under “Directory”.
Have fun!
Happy hunting,
Sue Visser, Ontario, Canada