Roll call, Gilespie, Bell, et al


Hi.  I may be a bit late but here are a few names that might be of interest.

John Gilespie (1778-1872)---Catherine Bell (1805-1884)

Dugald Ferguson (1796-1874)----ca 1825----Margaret Bell

Mary MacKenzie (1826-1885)---1852----John Gillespie (1883-1869)     large family

Hope it helps.

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I am a bit late as well for roll call but my roots run deep in Islay:


Angus Bell born Glenegedale Moor, "Kildalton Parish", Islay, Scotland died on March 7 1856 was married to Margaret McFayden born 01 Aug 1777 Kildalton Parish Islay They were married in Bowmore April 17, 1810


Their son Neil Bell born January 3 1822Killarrow. He died February 12 1900. The Lotts Kildalton, Islay He married Flora McLugush McLuash 14 Apr 1820 in Killarrow Islay She died October 13 1901 Lochknock Cottage, Ardimersay, Islay, Scotland.


Alexander (Sandy) McInnes (my great grandfather) March 17 1846 Bowmore died 15 Mar 1928 Bridgehouse, Killarrow.


He married: Mary Bell born the 21 Aug 1852 Loch a Chnoic, Ardimersay, Kildalton, Islay, Scotland


Their daughter was Mary McInnes She was my grandmother born 11 Mar 1892 "Loch Knock," Kildalton Parish, Ardimersay, Islay, Scotland died 08 Jun 1989. Peterborough, Ontario Canada


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